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If you have great Disney material you would like to see published on the web, please let me know, I will enjoy hosting it on my server or just linking this site to it.

Most of the articles you can find on this site were originally published in one of the following magazines: Persistence of Vision, Magical Moments and Memories, Tomart's Disneyana Update, Carl Barks and Co., Fantasyline, CP News and the late Storyboard. Those magazines are among the best reference sources off-line in terms of Disney information.

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Published and unpublished Articles

Interviews about the parks
Interview with Tony Baxter

Interviews about animation
Interview with Glen Keane
Other interview with Glen Keane
Interview with Andreas Deja
Other interview with Andreas Deja
Interview with Pierre Lambert
Other interview with Pierre Lambert
Interview with Gaëtan Brizzi
Interview with Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston

Interviews about comics
Interview with Carl Barks
Interview with Claude Marin
Interview with Pierre Nicolas
Interview with Don Rosa

Other interviews
Interview with Enrique Stuyck (WDC Spain)

Various articles
Barks' visit to France (1994)
Tony Baxter talks about WestCOT

Disney artists: background information
(links to external sites)
Marc Davis
Glen Keane gallery
Sketches by Glen Keane
Maurice Noble
Shamus Culhane
Bill Peet
Kay Nielsen
Albert Hurter
John Lasseter
Romano Scarpa
Giorgio Cavazzano
William Van Horn
Freddy Milton
Marco Rota
Paul Murry

Tomart's Disneyana articles
Introduction to European Vintage Disneyana
Vintage European Postcards
Jouets Vera (updated)
German Porcelains of the '30s
Lenci Ceramics
Spanish licensees in April 1935 (unpublished)
Disney comics in Brazil
A History of International Disney Magazines before the War
Vintage Disneyana in Eastern Europe
Editorial Tor
Ensign Magic Lanterns

Other Disney articles
(links to external sites)
Disney's Golden Oak Ranch
Walt Disney's Zorro by Bill Cotter
The Tanglefoot Chronicles by J.B. Kaufman
Alice Comedies
Notes about animation by Glen Keane
28 principles of animation by Mark Kennedy

Other Disney ressources
Emuck archives
(contains interviews with Wayne Allwine, Russi Taylor, Susan Egan, Richard White, Dave Smith and others).
$crooge 50th birthday (in French) by François Willot
Index of all French comics stories
by François Willot (work in progress)
Legend of the Index (text file)

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