Annotated bibliography of Disney reference books
Books about Disney parks

Beard, Richard: Walt Disney's Epcot published by Harry N. Abrams; 1982 .
Do not be fooled by its appearance, this book is not really about Epcot as we experience it today but about the artistic concepts that gave birth to the different pavilions. It was published before the actual opening of the park. Strange book, but which contains fabulous illustrations. A condensed edition was also published in 1982.

Birnbaum, Steve: Walt Disney World and Disneyland published by Hyperion.
The best traveler guide. It is recommended to get this book before visiting the Resort.

Bright, Randy: Disneyland Inside Story published by Crown; 1987.
Nice history of the Park That Walt Built till Splash Mountain. This is the best introduction to the history of Disneyland that anyone can read. A must-have for Disney parks enthusiasts. Bruce Gordon, one of the authors of the in-depth history of Disneyland, The Nickel Tour, also contributed to the writing of this book.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show published by Disneyland Paris.
The official program of the show. This book, that has been produced in six different languages, includes a facsimile of the original program. A nice little hardcover book that will probably never be republished.

Childs, Valerie: Disneyland published by Mayflower Books; 1979.

Childs, Valerie: Walt Disney World published by Mayflower Books; 1979.

Club 33, Royal Street, New Orleans Square, Disneyland - Thirtieth Anniversary published by Disneyland; 1997.

Club 55: The Pioneers published by Disneyland; 1975.
This book is an internal publication published by Disneyland for the park's pioneers, giving their reminiscences, for the park's 20th anniversary. It was not available to the public and is the only internal publication you will find in this list. The only reason it appears here is that the magazine Tomart's Disneyana listed it in its bibliography and as this magazine has become the ultimate reference for Disney fans I would get too many questions by not including it.

Disneyland Paris, Souvenir Book published by Disneyland Paris; 1996.
A nice soft-cover souvenir book published in at least six different languages.

Disneyland: the First Quarter Century published by Disneyland: 1979.

Disneyland; the First Thirty Years published by Disneyland; 1985.

Disneyland, the First Thirty-Five Years published by Disneyland; 1989.

Disney's Animal Kingdom, A Sneak Preview published by Hyperion; 1998.
A short soft-cover book about the making of the fourth theme park of Walt Disney World. Nicely illustrated.

Dunlop, Beth: Building a Dream, the Art of Disney Architecture published by Hyperion; 1996.
Whereas The Art of Reassurance is about concept art leading to Disney's buildings, Building a Dream is about what has actually been built. Therefore, the visual documents in this book are a little bit less interesting than in the former one.

Euro Disney Resort, Le Guide published by Disney Hachette Edition; 1992.
The official guide of Euro Disney Resort. Never updated. This Disney Hachette Edition is written in French, but the book was also released in at least 7 other different languages. Not to be confused with Disneyland Paris or Euro Disney souvenir books.

Euro Disney, Souvenir Book published by Disneyland Paris; 1992.
The hard-cover purple book released just after the Park's opening. Same format as its American equivalents. Nicely illustrated and published in at least six different languages.

Evans, Bill Morgan: Disney World of Flowers published by Disneyland; 1965.
A description and photographs of the landscaping of the park by its creator, Disney Legend Bill Evans.

Fjellman, Stephen M.: Vinyl Leaves published by Westview; 1992.
A strange and in depth study of Walt Disney World's urban architecture.

Fontana, Franco: Walt Disney World published by Edizioni Panini Modema; 1986.
A book of photos by one of Italy's most famous artists. Strange decision however that the one consisting in photographing the parks empty.

France, Van Arsdale : Window on Main Street published by Laughter Publication, Inc.; 1991.
The Disneyland years of the man who created the Disney University. The anecdotes are rather funny and as with most of the insiders' biographies it shows Walt, the Studio and the parks from a new and refreshing perspective.

Gordon, Bruce; Mumford, David: Disneyland, the Nickel Tour published by Camphor Tree Publishers; 1995.
The most in-depth history of Disneyland to date by two of the most knowledgeable Imagineers on the subject. The collection of postcards that illustrates it is also worth the buy in itself.

Haller, Ray: Just when you Thought it was Safe to go to the Park published by Ray Haller; 1994.
The second volume from our witty Disneyland cast member.

Haller, Ray: You should never have asked about his job published by Ray Haller.
Ray is a cast member and his funny drawings about the parks are hilarious.

Hansford, Dee: Gardens of Walt Disney World Resort published by The Walt Disney Company; 1988.
Perfect art-book about the vegetation and landscaping of the magic kingdoms.

Jacobs: Disney's America on Parade published by Harry N. Abrams; 1975.
A book about the ceremonies held in 1976 in the Disney parks.

Koenig, David: Mouse Tales published by Bonaventure Press; 1994.
What a cast member suffers to entertain his public. At times funny.

Kurtti, Jeff: Since the World Began published by Hyperion; 1996.
The history of Walt Disney World. A good book, although the visual documents are totally plain and the format is rather disappointing.

Lefkon, Wendy (editor): Walt Disney World Resort: a Magical Year-by-Year Journey published by Hyperion; 1998.

Malmberg, Melody: The Making of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park published by Hyperion; 1998.
A lavishly illustrated 192 pages book with interesting text about the creation and secrets of the new Disney park. Only available in Walt Disney World, unfortunately.

Marlin, Karal Ann (editor): Designing Disney's Theme Parks: the Architecture of Reassurance published by Flammarion and Centre Canadien d'Architecture; 1997.
The renderings are almost all published here for the first time. This catalog is an absolute masterpiece for Disney theme parks art enthusiasts. My advice: get it, whatever the cost.

Rafferty, Kevin; Gordon, Bruce: Walt Disney Imagineering published by Hyperion; 1996.
The title says it all. The book is huge, the illustrations are perfect and the authors are the best that can be. This is the Bible about the division of Disney that was once called WED and has always been the idea tank of the Company.

Raz, Aviad E.: Riding the Black Ship: Japan and Tokyo Disneyland published by Harvard Eastern Monographs; 1999.

Reynolds Bob: Roller Coasters, Flumes & Flying Saucers - The Story of Ed Morgan and Karl Bacon, Ride Inventors of the Modern Amusement Parks published by N.L. Publishing; 1999.
According to Bob Reynolds: "Ed and Karl are responsible for many of the ride systems at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. A partial list of their projects would include Dumbo, Casey Jr., Snow White, Tea Cups, Matterhorn Mountain, Pirates, Small World, Haunted Mansion, Autopia, Flying Saucers...the list goes on and on. Half of the book consists of personal interviews with Ed and Karl and remembrances of working with Walt Disney, Joe Fowler, Dick Irvine and others."

Schilling, Eric: Socrate chez Mickey published by Editions Michalon; 1997.
A philosophy teacher brought his students to Disneyland Paris. The attractions and overall environment served his lectures better than any book. Here is his story. Written in French.

Sehlinger, Bob and Finley John: The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and Epcot published by Prentice Hall; 1985.
This guide two may be useful.

Shannon, Leonard: Disneyland: Dreams, Traditions and Transitions published by Disney's Kingdom Editions; 1994.
Tomart's Disneyana commented about it: "Although it contains no inside revelations, the excellent photography and interesting tidbits of info will make it a favorite among Disneyland aficionados." In addition, one must underline the quality of a colorful chart summarizing the whole life of the park.

The Art of Disneyland, 1953-1986 published by The Disney Gallery; 1986.
The catalog of the first exhibit held at the Disney Gallery in Disneyland, California. It contains beautiful artwork by Herb Ryman, Marc Davis, John Hench and many other famous Imagineers but very few text. 

Tokyo Disneyland Chronicle published by Koudansha; 1998.
The history of Tokyo Disneyland's first 15 years. Written in Japanese.

Walt Disney World: The First Decade published by Walt Disney World; 1982.

Wolf, Scott and Shani: Where in Disneyland Park ? published Disneyland; 1994.
A nice soft-cover book of photographs revealing details of Disneyland.

Wolf, Scott and Shani: Where in Disneyland Attractions ? published by Disneyland; 1997.
The sequel to the preceding book.

Yamagata, Hiro: Disney Magic published by Koudansha; 1998.
A very odd art book presenting paintings of Disney theme parks by Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata. The interpretations of the parks by Yamagata are sometimes beautiful, sometimes really kitsch. Written in Japanese.

Zehnder, Leonard: Florida's Disney World published by Peninsular Publishing; 1975.

Books to come

Ghez, Didier : The Art of Disneyland Paris [working title]; April 2000.
A 320 page artbook about the Art and the Making of Disneyland Paris containing more than 500 illustrations (artwork, renderings and photos). Published simultaneously in French and in English.

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