Annotated bibliography of Disney reference books
Juvenile books

Cole, Michael D.: Walt Disney, Creator of Mickey Mouse published by Enslow Publishers; 1996.
Juvenile book of little interest.

Collins, David R.: Walt Disney's Surprise Christmas published by Broadman Press; 1971.
Juvenile book.

Di Franco, Jo Ann: Walt Disney, When Dreams Come True published by Dillon Press; 1985.
Juvenile book.

Fanning, Jim: Walt Disney - Pop Culture Legend published by Chelsea House Publishers; 1994.

Fisher, Maxime P.: Walt Disney published by Franklin Watts; 1988.
Juvenile book.

Ford, Barbara: Walt Disney published by Walker; 1989.
The story of Walt, for children.

Greene, Katherine and Richard: The Man Behind the Magic published by Viking; 1991.
Another biography of Walt for kids.

Hammontree, Marie: Walt Disney, Young Movie Maker published by Aladdin Paperbacks; 1997.
One more juvenile biography of Walt.

Kurland, Gerald: Walt Disney, the Master of Animation published by SamHar Press; 1971.
Juvenile book.

Lynch, Wendy: Walt Disney (Lives and Times) published by Heineman Library; 1998.
One more juvenile book about Walt.

Rider Montgomery, Elizabeth: Walt Disney, Master of Make Believe published by Garrard; 1971.
Juvenile book.

Schomp, Virginia Anne: Walt Disney - Making Dreams Come True published by Dillon Press; 1992.

Selden, Bernice: The Story of Walt Disney Maker of Magical Worlds published by Yearling Book; 1989.
A very long title for a very short book aimed at kids.

Thomas, Bob: Walt Disney - Magician of the Movies published by Grosset and Dunlap; 1966.

Tippins, Sherill: Michael Eisner, Fun for Everyone published by Garrett Educational Corporation; 1992.
A short biography for kids of the chairman of the Walt Disney Company. Rather weak.

Walker, Greta: Walt Disney published by G.P. Putman's Sons; 1977.
Juvenile book.

Books to come

Lazo, Caroline Evensen: Walt Disney published by Dillon Press; 1999.
One more juvenile book about Walt.

Logue, Mary: Imagination - The Story of Walt Disney; August 1999.
One more juvenile book about Walt.

Passaro, John: The Building of Disney published by Smart Apple Media; 1999.
One more juvenile book!

Simon, Charnan: Walt Disney - Creator of Magical Worlds published by Children's Press; 1999.
It is becoming more and more difficult to differenciate between all this juvenile books.

All the books already published
All the books to come

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