Annotated bibliography of Disney reference books
Disney books in English

Andersen, Hans Christian; Slater, Teddy: The Emperor's Nightingale (Disney Archives) published by Disney Press; 1992.
A nice book publishing for the first time never seen before conceptual artwork done for the never released short.

Andersen, Hans Christian; Lewin, Simon: The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Disney Archives) published by Disney Press; 1991.
A nice book publishing for the first time never seen before conceptual artwork done for the never released short.

Anderson, Paul F.: The Davy Crockett Craze published by R&G Productions; 1996.
An absolute must-have for Davy Crockett enthusiasts and for Disney historians. Paul F. Anderson is editor of Persistence of Vision, by far the best magazine in existence about the history of Disney.

Anderson, Ken: Nessie and the Little Blind Boy of Loch Ness published by Laughter Publications, Inc.; 1992.
The last story Ken Anderson (one of Disney's most talented artists) wrote and illustrated before his untimely death. A really nice book, although not officially from or about Disney.

Ashman, Howard: The New Mickey Mouse Club published by Grosset & Dunlap; 1977.

Bailey, Adrian: Walt Disney's World of Fantasy published by Paper Tiger; 1982.
The text is not the most interesting one can find, however some of the photographs will make you like it.

Bain, David; Harris, Bruce: Mickey Mouse - Fifty Happy Years published by Harmony Books; 1977.

Barks, Carl: Uncle Scrooge In Color published by Gladstone; 1987.
A nice homage to the wealthiest duck on Earth, published for his 40th birthday. The colors and the choice of stories are good.

Barks, Carl: The Fine Art of Walt Disney's Donald Duck published by Another Rainbow; 1981.
A beautiful book, limited to 1875 copies, that reproduces perfectly the first 122 Duck paintings produced between 1971 and 1976.

Barks, Carl: Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge, His Life and Times published by Celestial Arts; 1981.
The story and comic book stories of a very rich Scottish uncle. It contains all of the best Barks classics, including Christmas on Bear Mountain and Back to the Klondike (full-length version). The book includes one story drawn especially for the occasion: Go Slowly, Sands of Time. A soft-cover version of that book has also been released.

Barks Treasury published by Applewood Books; 1997
Distributed exclusively in the American Disney theme parks. Limited to 1000 copies. Contains 40 of the 75 color sketches Barks made for his 96th birthday.

Barrier, Michael: Building a Better Mouse - Fifty Years of Animation published by Library of Congress; 1978.
A beautiful exhibition catalog written by the famous animation and comic books historian.

Barrier, Michael: Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book published by Lilien; 1981.
The best biography of Uncle $crooge's (and many other ducks) father. A must have for all $crooge fans.

Barrier, Mike J.: Hollywood Cartoons - American Animation in Its Golden Age published by Oxford University Press; 1999.
Mike Barrier, the world famous animation and Carl Barks expert, has been for many years the editor in chief of the best magazine in the field of animation and comics, namely Funnyworld. This is a must have for any animation enthusiast or historian.

Beard, Richard: Walt Disney's Epcot published by Harry N. Abrams; 1982 .
Do not be fooled by its appearance, this book is not really about Epcot as we experience it today but about the artistic concepts that gave birth to the different pavilions. It was published before the actual opening of the park. Strange book, but which contains fabulous illustrations. A condensed edition was also published in 1982.

Bell, Elizabeth; Haas, Lynda; Sells, Laura: From Mouse to Mermaid published by Indiana University Press; 1995.
Hopefully the last sociological book about Disney. Hopefully only, unfortunately.

Bendazzi, Giannalberto: Cartoons, One Hundred Years of Cinema Animation published by Indiana University Press; 1994.
A fabulous book about the history of animation all around the world. Not all about Disney, obviously, but fascinating to understand the context of the art not only in America but everywhere else too.

Birnbaum, Steve: Walt Disney World and Disneyland published by Hyperion.
The best traveler guide. It is recommended to get this book before visiting the Resort.

Blitz, Marcia: Walt Disney's The Life of Donald Duck re-published by Applewood Books; 1994 (originally published in 1941).
Presented by Applewood in a hardcover box including a greeting Card from Carl Barks and a CD featuring a chat between Barks and Donald, this nice story book (the only one included in this listing) has acquired a special status, as the auto-proclaimed official biography of Donald Duck. Nice book.

Blum, Geoffrey: Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks published by Another Rainbow Publishing; 1991.
How the "Duck Man" created his limited edition statues. Strange book, published only to promote Another Rainbow statues; it was sold and not given.

Bowles, Jerry: Forever Hold your Banner High published by Doubleday; 1976.
A couple of years after the end of The Mickey Mouse Club, what have they become ? The story of the Mouseketeers after the action. For the real fans of the show.

Bright, Randy: Disneyland Inside Story published by Crown; 1987.
Nice history of the Park That Walt Built till Splash Mountain. This is the best introduction to the history of Disneyland that anyone can read. A must-have for Disney parks enthusiasts. Bruce Gordon, one of the authors of the in-depth history of Disneyland, The Nickel Tour, also contributed to the writing of this book.

Broggie, Michael: Walt Disney's Railroad Story published by Pentrex; 1997.
A huge book about a rather specialized part of Disney history. Incredible work, incredible documents.

Bryman, Alan: Disney and his Worlds published by Routledge; 1995.
It looks as if Routledge has decided to publish all of the sterile analyses about Walt. Only the cover photo is nice to look at.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show published by Disneyland Paris.
The official program of the show. This book, that has been produced in six different languages, includes a facsimile of the original program. A nice little hardcover book that will probably never be republished.

Canemaker, John: Before the Animation Begins published by Hyperion; 1996.
This is for me one of the books of the decade. Beautifully illustrated with never-seen-before documents, dealing in-depth with the great Disney artists that had been most ignored in the previous books. A must have. I hope John will publish a volume two at some point.

Canemaker, John: Treasures of Disney Animation Art published by Harry N. Abrams; 1982.
A wonderful art-book that can only be fully appreciated in its original version and not in the tinny little pocket book version that was published a while ago.

Canemaker, John: Vladimir Tytla Master Animator published by Katonah Museum of Art; 1994.
This short catalog contains an in-depth look at the art and time of one of Disney's most talented and powerful animators, he who gave life to the unforgettable Chernabog in Fantasia.

Capodagli, Bill; Jackson, Lynn: The Disney Way - Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company published by McGraw-Hill; 1999.
I guess the title says everything.

The Carl Barks Library published by Another Rainbow; 1983 - 1990.
This ten set collection containing 30 books is seen as the ultimate collection of Barks comic book work. Besides lots of articles with background information, it also contains unreleased, rejected and/or unfinished works. Most of Barks' comic book work is published as line-art (b/w), which is how it was drawn. The ultimate reference for Barks fans.

Carroll, Lewis: Jabberwocky (Disney Archives) published by Disney Press; 1992.
A nice book publishing for the first time never seen before conceptual artwork done for the never released short.

Chalker, Jack L.: An Informal Biography of $crooge Mc. Duck published by The Mirage Press; 1974.
This biography of $crooge is based on Barksian references. It tries to introduce some consistency into The Richest Duck in the World universe. Don Rosa used that book as a source for his Life and Times of $crooge Mc. Duck, even though, he did not follow it blindly. A very interesting text for comic books enthusiasts.

Childs, Valerie: Disneyland published by Mayflower Books; 1979.

Childs, Valerie: Walt Disney World published by Mayflower Books; 1979.

Christmas of '87 published by Alexander Gallery.
Wonderful catalog of the exhibition of Good Housekeeping Disney art held at the Alexander Gallery in December 1987. A project to republish all Good Housekeeping Pages in a single art-book was unfortunately cancelled in 1997.

Club 33, Royal Street, New Orleans Square, Disneyland - Thirtieth Anniversary published by Disneyland; 1997.

Club 55: The Pioneers published by Disneyland; 1975.
This book is an internal publication published by Disneyland for the park's pioneers, giving their reminiscences, for the park's 20th anniversary. It was not available to the public and is the only internal publication you will find in this list. The only reason it appears here is that the magazine Tomart's Disneyana listed it in its bibliography and as this magazine has become the ultimate reference for Disney fans I would get too many questions by not including it.

Cohen, Karl F.: Forbidden Animation, Censored Cartoons and Blacklisted Animators in America published by McFarland &Co.; 1997.
Finally a book on this fascinating subject. Serious study but, unfortunately, too few illustrations.

Cole, Michael D.: Walt Disney, Creator of Mickey Mouse published by Enslow Publishers; 1996.
Juvenile book of little interest.

Collins, David R.: Walt Disney's Surprise Christmas published by Broadman Press; 1971.
Juvenile book.

Connellam, Tom: Inside the Magic Kingdom, Seven Keys to Disney's Success published by Bard Press; 1997.
A business books that pretends to reveal Disney's tricks. Pretty empty book.

Cotter, Bill: The Wonderful World of Disney Television, A Complete History published by Hyperion; 1997.
And complete it is ! This is the absolute best reference book about Disney's TV works. Unbeatable.

Culhane, John: Disney's Aladdin, the Making of an Animated Film published by Hyperion; 1992.
Did anyone notice that Robin Williams had been "forgotten" ? This is, however a very good (but short) book, well illustrated and that teaches a lot.

Culhane, John: Walt Disney's Fantasia published by Harry N. Abrams; 1983.
The quality of the illustrations is not perfect, the text is.

Culhane, John: Retrospective -Walt Disney published by Zagreb Film; 1974.
Catalog of the Walt Disney exhibit organized in 1974 for the Zagreb Film Festival.

Culhane, Shamus: Talking Animals and Other People published by Da Capro Press; April 1998.
The long awaited reprint of the autobiography of a famous animator from the golden age.

Dahl, Lucy: James and the Giant Peach published by Disney Press; 1996.
A short but beautiful homage to the movie and its making.

Davis, Marc (illustrator); Roberts Fulton: Chanticleer and the Fox (Disney Archives) published by Disney Press; 1991.
An excellent book featuring all of the beautiful art developped by legendary animator Marc Davis for the never released short.

Deja, Andreas: Puss'n Boots published by Lauther Publications, Inc.; 1994.
Andreas, the supervising animator of Scar, Jafar and Hercules, among others, illustrates Charles Perrault's story. Extremely interesting book for "completists", to my taste.

Di Franco, Jo Ann: Walt Disney, When Dreams Come True published by Dillon Press; 1985.
Juvenile book.

Disney, Edward: A Story of Disneys - Some Myths Explored self-published; 1998.
A book about the whole Disney family history (not just Walt's ancestry) that will rejoice the most hard-core historians. Edward Disney's email address will help you order this book.

Disney Legends published by Disney University; 1997.
A small booklet presenting the European Disney legends honored in 1997 at Disneyland Paris. Fascinating for real Disney historians as it introduces the faces and biographies of some of the people that were instrumental in shaping the history of Disney in Europe.

Disney Hugh: Disneys of Stebanon - A review of an Anglo-Irish Family from the Time of Cromwell self-published; 1995.
While exploring the book by Edward Disney, I stumbled on this one. However, while this book is about the Disney family, there is no mention of Walt's family, except a one-page introduction.

Disney Miller, Diane: The Story of Walt Disney published by Holt; 1957.
This is certainly not an unbiased biography since it was written by Walt's daughter, but it is very refreshing, enjoyable and interesting.

Disneyland Paris, Souvenir Book published by Disneyland Paris; 1996.
A nice soft-cover souvenir book published in at least six different languages.

Disneyland: the First Quarter Century published by Disneyland: 1979.

Disneyland; the First Thirty Years published by Disneyland; 1985.

Disneyland, the First Thirty-Five Years published by Disneyland; 1989.

Disney's Animal Kingdom, A Sneak Preview published by Hyperion; 1998.
A short soft-cover book about the making of the fourth theme park of Walt Disney World. Nicely illustrated.

Dorfman, Ariel; Mattelart, Armand: How to read Donald Duck published by International General; 1975.
Did you know that Donald served colonialist and imperialistic purposes ? On a second level study, this book is funny.

Dunlop, Beth: Building a Dream, the Art of Disney Architecture published by Hyperion; 1996.
Whereas The Art of Reassurance is about concept art leading to Disney's buildings, Building a Dream is about what has actually been built. Therefore, the visual documents in this book are a little bit less interesting than in the former one.

Dunn, Ann (editor): Brookman Price Guide for Disney Stamps published by Krause Publications; 1999.

Edwards, Scott and Stobener, Bob: Cel Magic, Collecting Animation Art published by Laughs Unlimited Inc; 1991.

Eisner, Michael; Swartz, Tony: Work in Progess published by Random House; 1998.
If it weren't for the fact that Michael is shamelessly forgetting dates and events, this might be an interesting book.

Eliot, Mark: Walt Disney, Hollywood's Dark Prince published by Birch Lane Press; 1993.
The latest and by far most stupid and uninteresting "scandalous biography" of Walt. So full of mistakes, guesses, intentional lies and non-intentional ignorances it is hardly worth mentioning.

Eronen, Matti: Carl Barks' Surviving Comic Book Art self-published; 1994.
A non-illustrated list of the pages of Barks art that survived destruction with a history of how they survived and where they were last seen. A very specialised book for hard-core Barks collectors.

Euro Disney Resort, Le Guide published by Disney Hachette Edition; 1992.
The official guide of Euro Disney Resort. Never updated. This Disney Hachette Edition is written in French, but the book was also released in at least 7 other different languages. Not to be confused with Disneyland Paris or Euro Disney souvenir books.

Euro Disney, Souvenir Book published by Disneyland Paris; 1992.
The hard-cover purple book released just after the Park's opening. Same format as its American equivalents. Nicely illustrated and published in at least six different languages.

Evans, Bill Morgan: Disney World of Flowers published by Disneyland; 1965.
A description and photographs of the landscaping of the park by its creator, Disney Legend Bill Evans.

Fanning, Jim: Sing-Along Songbook published by Hyperion; 1995.
A nice soft-cover book containing the score and lyrics of Disney's most famous songs as well as introductions by famous Disney historian Jim Fanning.

Fanning, Jim: The Disney Poster, from Mickey Mouse to Aladdin by Hyperion; 1993.
A selection of some of Disney's nicest original posters.

Fanning, Jim: Walt Disney - Pop Culture Legend published by Chelsea House Publishers; 1994.

Feild, Robert D.: The Art of Walt Disney published by Collins; 1944.
The first serious book about the Studio, it contains splendid illustrations. The text is a bit dry, though.

Ferraiuolo, Perucci: Disney and the Bible published by Horizon Books; 1996.
An analysis of the current Walt Disney Company that uses the literal interpretation of the Bible as its weapon. What can I say about a book so full of mistakes and bad faith (ironic isn't it) that it auto-destroys itself ?

Finch, Chistopher: Walt Disney's America published by Abbeville Press; 1978.
This book contains amazing documents but is strangely unfocused. An excellent work, though.

Finch, Christopher; Rosenkrantz, Linda: Sotheby's Collectors Guide: Animation Art published by Henry Holt & Company, Inc.; 1998.
An excellent reference book for collectors.

Finch, Chrisopher: The Art of the Lion King published by Hyperion; 1994.
From concept to finished animation of what became a real Classic.

Finch, Christopher: The Art of Walt Disney published by Harry N. Abrams; 1973, updated in 1995.
The images are wonderful, the text is extremely precise and easy to read. What else could one ask for ? The best part of the story is that it was updated twenty years after the first edition. A condensed version was published in 1975.

Fisher, Maxime P.: Walt Disney published by Franklin Watts; 1988.
Juvenile book.

Fjellman, Stephen M.: Vinyl Leaves published by Westview; 1992.
A strange and in depth study of Walt Disney World's urban architecture.

Flower, Joe: Prince of the Magic Kingdom published by Willey; 1991.
Less positive than The Disney Touch, it tackles the Eisner era while summarizing Walt Disney, An American Original and Storming the Magic Kingdom.

Ford, Barbara: Walt Disney published by Walker; 1989.
The story of Walt, for children.

France, Van Arsdale: Window on Main Street published by Laughter Publication, Inc.; 1991.
The Disneyland years of the man who created the Disney University. The anecdotes are rather funny and as with most of the insiders' biographies it shows Walt, the Studio and the parks from a new and refreshing perspective.

Frick, Devon; Hodge, Tamara: Disneyana Collectors Guide to 1938-1960 California Pottery; 1998.
A good guide book for specialized collectors.

Frantz, Donald: Disney's Beauty and the Beast, a Celebration published by Hyperion; 1995.
The show is gorgeous, the book is too. A little small, though.

Funicello, Annette and Romanowski, Patricia: A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes, My Story published by Hyperion; 1994.
The autobiography of the most famous Mouseketeer.

Ginch, Bill and Miranda, Fred: The Official Disney Trivia Book published by Paperjacks; 1988.
The first trivia book about Disney, it was published before the famous series of "ultimate" trivia books by Dave Smith and Kevin Neary.

Giroux, Henry A.: The Mouse that Roared - Disney and the End of Innocence published by Rowman & Littlefield; 1999
What can you expect with a title like this one ?

Gordon, Bruce; Mumford, David: Disneyland, the Nickel Tour published by Camphor Tree Publishers; 1995.
The most in-depth history of Disneyland to date by two of the most knowledgeable Imagineers on the subject. The collection of postcards that illustrates it is also worth the buy in itself.

Grant, John: Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters published by Hamlyn 1987; updated versions published by Hyperion 1993 and 1998.
Contains most of the information you may want on major or minor characters and on the animated features. The illustration are of top quality. The who's who of Disney's universe. Updated on a regular basis.

Great Moments from the Films of Walt Disney published by The Rutledge Press; 1981.
Huge photographs from Snow White, Pinocchio, Bambi, Dumbo, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty with small commentaries.

Greene, Katherine and Richard: The Man Behind the Magic published by Viking; 1991.
Another biography of Walt for kids.

Green, Howard: The Tarzan Chronicles published by Hyperion; 1999.
A book written by Howard Green is almost bound to be excellent.This book is only one out of two "making of" books released along with Tarzan. It is the most lavish of the two.

Grover, Ron: The Disney Touch published by Business One Irwin; 1991.
How Eisner and Wells revamped Disney and made it what it is today. Updated in 1997. I consider this book as being part of a triptych of Disney reference books about the history of the company: first the official biography by Bob Thomas (1901-1966), second Storming the Magic Kingdom by John Taylor (1967-1984) and third this one (1985-today).

Hahn, Don: Disney's Animation Magic published by Disney Press; 1996.
One of Disney's most famous producers explains the animation process to kids. In the meantime, the book reproduces a few interesting documents from the most recent era of Disney's animation.

Hahn, Don: Disney's Animation Kit published by Hyperion; 1999.
A guide for children on how to animate, by the famous Disney producer Don Hahn. Includes a brief history of animation.

Haller, Ray: Just when you Thought it was Safe to go to the Park published by Ray Haller; 1994.
The second volume from our witty Disneyland cast member.

Haller, Ray: You should never have asked about his job published by Ray Haller.
Ray is a cast member and his funny drawings about the parks are hilarious.

Hammontree, Marie: Walt Disney, Young Movie Maker published by Aladdin Paperbacks; 1997.
One more juvenile biography of Walt.

Hansford, Dee: Gardens of Walt Disney World Resort published by The Walt Disney Company; 1988.
Perfect art-book about the vegetation and landscaping of the magic kingdoms.

Heide, Robert and Gilman, John: Cartoon Collectibles published by Doubleday; 1983.
Nothing new when you already posses the Munsey and the Tomart. Re-published in 1994 by Hyperion as Disneyana.

Heide, Robert; Gilman; John: The Mickey Mouse Watch: From the Beginning of Time published by Hyperion; 1997.
Nothing much to say about this small, well-illustrated and well documented book. A good reference for collectors.

Heminway, John: Disney Magic: The Launching of a Dream published by Hyperion; 1998.
This small book is a stunning work about the making of the new Disney cruise ship. Beautiful artwork, very interesting text. Too short. This book was offered to journalists during the launch. If anyone of you can help me get it, I would sincerly appreciate it !

Hiaasen, Carl: Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World published by Ballantine Books;1998.
A long and boring essay attacking the Walt Disney Company for its negative influence on today's universe. Nothing new from previous anti-Disney tirades.

Holliss, Richard and Sibley Brian: Mickey Mouse, His Life and Times by HP. Books; 1986.
The title says it all, but let us add that Richard Holliss and Brian Sibley are two of the best English Disney experts, also authors of The Disney Studio Story and The Making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Holliss, Richard; Sibley Brian: The Disney Studio Story published by Crown; 1988.
Two parts. One is the complete history of the studio, the other is a complete filmography with commentaries. This is a must have. If only for the illustrations. But the anecdotes are also fascinating. Very in-depth book.

Holliss, Richard; Sibley Brian: Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & the Making of the Classic Film published by Hyperion; 1987.
An excellent, if a bit short, "making of". Originally published by Simon & Schuster in 1987, then reprinted by Hyperion.

Houghton Comfort, Mildred: Walt Disney, Master of Fantasy published by T.S. Denison; 1968.
Juvenile book.

Hurter, Albert: He Drew as He Pleased published by Simon and Schuster; 1948.
A collection of drawings and sketches by one of the Studio's best designers in the '30s and '40s, one of those who influenced heavily the look of Snow White and Pinocchio. A very rare and very desirable book. I am still looking for my copy of this specialized masterpiece.

Jackson, Kathy Merlock: Walt Disney, a Bio-Bibliography published by Greenwood Press; 1993.
By trying to do too much in too few pages, Kathy does not really succeed in creating an in-depth reference book. The bibliography is interesting, though.

Jacobs: Disney's America on Parade published by Harry N. Abrams; 1975.
A book about the ceremonies held in 1976 in the Disney parks.

James, L.: Mickey's Drawing Class published by Simon & Shuster; 1983.

Jones, Tom (introduction by): Walt Disney's Christmas Treasury published by Abbeville Press; 1978.
According to the Library of Congress: "An anthology of Christmas stories, illustrations, comic strips, posters and other miscellanea featuring Disney characters."

Justice, Bill: Justice for Disney published by Tomart Publications; 1992.
The autobiography of the man who drew Chip and Dale, animated most of Disneyland attractions and is the nicest person you will ever meet at a Disneyana convention ("Give me a napkin ! I'll draw for you since you seem to enjoy it as much as I do !").

Keller, Keith: The Mickey Mouse Club Scrapbook published by Grosset and Dunlap; 1975.
The essential book about what may have been your favorite program a few decades ago.

Kimball, Ward: Art Afterpieces published by Pocket Books in 1964, re-published by Price, Stern, Sloan in 1975.
This book contains a nice collection of very funny parodies of famous paintings (not related to Disney) by Disney Legend Ward Kimball. Nice to have for completists.

Kinney, Jack: Walt Disney and other assorted characters published by Harmony Books; 1988.
A look at the studio by one of the men who "created the magic", enjoyed it at times, hated it sometimes and worked a lot on the Goofy shorts.

Koehler, William R.: The Wonderful World of Disney Animals published by Howell Book House; 1979.
According to the Library of Congress: "Presents a behind-the-scenes account of the techniques and trials of training various animals who have appeared in Disney productions."

Koenig, David: Mouse Tales published by Bonaventure Press; 1994.
What a cast member suffers to entertain his public. At times funny.

Koenig, David: Mouse Under Glass published by Bonaventure Press; 1997.
A book about the inspirations, "secrets" and tidbits of information about Disney's animated features. Nothing is really new, but it's summarized in a nice way.

Krause, Martin; Witowski, Linda: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, an Art in the Making published by Hyperion; 1994.
The beautiful collection of original art owned by Steve Ison is reproduced in this book. While it could have been bigger, it is definitely a must-have for Disney animation and Snow White fans.

Kuenz, Jane; Klugman, Karen; Waldrep, Shelton; Willis, Susan: Inside the Mouse published by Duke University Press; 1995.
One of those books that try to analyze the Walt Disney Company in a very theoretical way and without real purpose. Neither the philosophical, nor the sociological point of view are of real interest.

Kurland, Gerald: Walt Disney, the Master of Animation published by SamHar Press; 1971.
Juvenile book.

Kurtti, Jeff: Since the World Began published by Hyperion; 1996.
The history of Walt Disney World. A good book, although the visual documents are totally plain and the format is rather disappointing.

Kurtti, Jeff: The Art of Mulan published by Hyperion; 1998.
A new and beautiful addition to a great series.

Kurtti, Jeff: The Art of the Little Mermaid published by Hyperion; 1998.
This book is really not worth the others in the "Art of" series. It does contain a few concept drawings by Kay Nielsen, however, most of the book is made of stills from the film. Moreover, none of the art is credited and this book only exists in a miniature version, even though it was never originally published as a large coffee-table book.

Kurtti, Jeff: A Bug's Life - The Art and Making of an Epic of Miniature Proportions published by Hyperion; 1998.
The "making of" of the new Pixar full-length feature by the author of The Art of Mulan.

Kurtti, Jeff: A Bug's Life - Special Collector's Edition published by Hyperion; 1998.
A smaller book than the official "art of" but nice to have.

Kurtz, Bruce D.: Haring, Warhol, Disney published by Prestel; 1991.
Nice animation art is reproduced in this large exhibition catalog.

Lambert, Pierre: Mickey Mouse published by Démons et Merveilles; 1998.
The author of the best art book ever published on a Disney movie, Pinocchio, has created an other masterpiece. The book is 300 pages long, contains 433 color documents and has an introduction by Roy Disney. There is no limited edition as for the Pinocchio volume, but all copies of the French book are sold in book-cases.Written in French with an English edition published in December by Hyperion that does not contain a bookcase.

Lambert, Pierre: Pinocchio published by Démons et Merveilles; 1995.
This is a book that marked the history of Disney books. It is by far the most lavish, the most glossy, in short the most beautiful ever published about a Disney movie. Granted, the text is short but the artwork is so gorgeous that it does not matter at all. This book was originally published in French. The French edition can be found in two versions: the regular one as well as a limited edition (450 copies, leather-bound binding in a hard slipcase, complete with a beautiful high-quality litho). The English version was published in 1997 by Hyperion. Legendary artists Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston recently gave Charles Solomon an interview about Pierre Lambert's book.

Land, Richard D.; York, Frank: Send a Message to Mickey : The ABC's of Making Your Voice Heard at Disney published by Broadman & Holman Publishers; 1998.

Lasseter, John; Daly, Steve: Toy Story - The Art and the Making of the Animated Film published by Hyperion; 1995.
An excellent addition to the "making-of" series. Beautifully illustrated. Few text, though.

Leebron, Elizabeth; Gartley, Lynn: Walt Disney, a Guide to References and Ressources published by G.K. Hall; 1979.

Lefkon, Wendy (editor): Walt Disney World Resort: a Magical Year-by-Year Journey published by Hyperion; 1998.

Longest, David; Stern, Michael: The Collector's Encyclopedia of Disneyana published by Collector Books; 1992.
A catalog of many pre and post war Disneyana items with estimated prices, combining the four former books by David Longest and Michael Stern in one.

Longest, David: Character Toys and Collectibles (2 volumes) published by Collector Books; 1984-1987.
A catalog of many pre and post war Disneyana items with estimated prices.

Lotman, Jeff: Animation Art - The Early Years (1911 - 1953) published by Shiffer; 1995.
A huge catalog of all the animation art ever sold by the big auctioneers, written by one of the world largest collectors and animation art enthusiasts. This is a crucial reference book for animation art collectors and historians.

Lotman, Jeff: Animation Art - The Late Years (1954 - 1993) published by Shiffer; 1996.
The second volume of this amazing encyclopedia.

Lotman, Jeff: Animation Art at Auction: Recent Years published by Shiffer; 1998.
The update to Jeff's first two books.

Lowery, Howard (editor): The Art of Grim Natwick self-published; 1991.
The catalog of the auction that followed Grim Natwick death. The biography of this famous animator, that was in charge, among other characters, of Snow White, is quite complete. The visual documents are stunning.

Lowery, Howard (editor): The Malcolm Willits Collection of Mickey Mouse Paintings by Floyd Gottfredson self-published; 1993.
As there is no book reproducing all Gottfredson paintings (like The Fine Art of Walt Disney's Donald Duck for Barks paintings), this catalog is the closest thing one can find. The art is interesting, some would say beautiful.

Lynch, Wendy: Walt Disney (Lives and Times) published by Heineman Library; 1998.
One more juvenile book about Walt.

Malmberg, Melody: The Making of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park published by Hyperion; 1998.
A lavishly illustrated 192 pages book with interesting text about the creation and secrets of the new Disney park. Only available in Walt Disney World, unfortunately.

Maltin, Leonard: Of Mice and Magic published by Plume; 1980.
The most complete history of American animation ever published.

Maltin, Leonard: The Disney Films published by Crown; 1973, updated in 1984 and 1995.
All the pre-1966 movies in details, some of the post 1966 whithout many commentaries. Illustrations are in black and white. This is definitely the ultimate reference for pre-1966 Disney movies history.

Marlin, Karal Ann (editor): Designing Disney's Theme Parks: the Architecture of Reassurance published by Flammarion and Centre Canadien d'Architecture; 1997.
The renderings are almost all published here for the first time. This catalog is an absolute masterpiece for Disney theme parks art enthusiasts. My advice: get it, whatever the cost.

McElveen, Floyd C.: The Disney Boycott published by Vital Issu.; 1999.
Title says everything.

Merritt, Russell and Kaufman J.B.: Walt in Wonderland published by Edizioni Biblioteca dell' Imagine; 1992.
This English-Italian book is, to date, the only in depth book about "Walt before Mickey". The documents it contains are often unique or never-published-before.

Mickey Mouse In Color published by Pantheon; 1988.
The limited edition version contains a vinyl disc with a discussion between Barks and Gottfredson. The way the best Mickey comics stories by Gottfredson are presented in this volume makes it an absolute must have for Disney comics enthusiasts.

Mickey Mouse Songbook published by Hansem House; 1976.

Minella, Elizabetha: Comics e Cartoons Phone Cards published by Epierre; 1998.
This price guide lists all the phone cards around the world dedicated to comics. This means that all the Disney cards from Japan, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Canada,... are listed. Written in English and Italian.

Mosley, Leonard: The Real Walt Disney published by Crafton; 1985.
"Walt was not so nice but he did some interesting things" could be the summary of this critical and rather negative book. This book was published in 1985 as Disney's World.

Munsey, Cecil: Disneyana; 1974.
The first book ever on Disneyana, it contains all the basics to start or better understand your collection.

Murray, John and Fox, Bruce: Fisher Price published by Books Americana; 1987.

Murray, R. Michael: The Golden Age of Walt Disney Records 1933-1988 published by Antique Trader Books; 1997.
A very good and nicely illustrated price guide for collectors of Disney records.

O' Brien Flora: Donald Duck, Fifty Years of Happy Frustration by HP. Books; 1985.
The story of our favorite duck. Nice illustrations but nothing compared to the biographies published by Disney Libri. Same series as Mickey Mouse, his Life and Times and Goofy, the Good Sport.

O' Brien Flora: Goofy, The Good Sport published by HP Books; 1985.
The biography of a legendary comical "actor".

Peet Bill: An autobiography published by Houghton Mifflin Company; 1989 .
One of the most talented scenarists of the Studio tells us about his career. Too much of a story and not enough of of biography to some readers' taste (including mine).

Petersen, Paul: Walt Disney, Mickey and Me published by Dell; 1977.

Pilling, Jayne (editor): A Reader in Animation Studies published by Indiana University Press; 1998.
This book contains a few good essays about Disney, including one by Disney historian Robin Allan.

Rafferty, Kevin; Gordon, Bruce: Walt Disney Imagineering published by Hyperion; 1996.
The title says it all. The book is huge, the illustrations are perfect and the authors are the best that can be. This is the Bible about the division of Disney that was once called WED and has always been the idea tank of the Company.

Rawls, Walton: Disney Dons Dogtags published by Abbeville Press; 1992.
Some of the nicest insignias designed by the Studio during W.W.II.

Raz, Aviad E.: Riding the Black Ship: Japan and Tokyo Disneyland published by Harvard Eastern Monographs; 1999.

Rebello, Stephen and Healey, Jane: The Art of Hercules, the Chaos of Creation published by Hyperion; 1997.
The format of this book is different from the one of the three previous ones in the "Art of" series. It is, however, as interesting as the others. Gorgeous illustrations and nice text.

Rebello, Stephen: The Art of The Hunchback of Notre Dame published by Hyperion; 1996.
An other masterpiece in the "Art of" series. As ever the documents reproduced are stunning and the text is rather weak.

Reynolds Bob: Roller Coasters, Flumes & Flying Saucers - The Story of Ed Morgan and Karl Bacon, Ride Inventors of the Modern Amusement Parks published by N.L. Publishing; 1999.
According to Bob Reynolds: "Ed and Karl are responsible for many of the ride systems at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. A partial list of their projects would include Dumbo, Casey Jr., Snow White, Tea Cups, Matterhorn Mountain, Pirates, Small World, Haunted Mansion, Autopia, Flying Saucers...the list goes on and on. Half of the book consists of personal interviews with Ed and Karl and remembrances of working with Walt Disney, Joe Fowler, Dick Irvine and others."

Rider Montgomery, Elizabeth: Walt Disney, Master of Make Believe published by Garrard; 1971.
Juvenile book.

Rosa, Don: The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck published by Another Rainbow/Gladstone, 1997.
A beautiful edition of the complete saga by the new Duck master. Limited to 1000 copies, each autographed by Don and divided into ten different combinations involving signed books, full-color signed prints and original drawings. The only shortcoming of this book is the introduction by Geoffrey Blum that is a sad collection of mistakes about Rosa's work. This book is a must-have for Rosa enthusiasts, though.

Santoli, Lorraine: The Official Mickey Mouse Club Book published by Hyperion; 1995.
The official story of The Mickey Mouse Club by one of Disney's publicists. Overall a very good book for Mickey Mouse Club fans.

Schickel, Richard: The Disney Version published by Simon and Schuster; 1968, updated in 1997.
A strange so-called psychological analysis of Walt and his works. Not the worst of the books mentioned here, though. 

Schochet, Stephen: Fascinating Walt Disney published by Hollywood Stories; 1998.
Published as an audio CD only.

Schomp, Virginia Anne: Walt Disney - Making Dreams Come True published by Dillon Press; 1992.

Schroeder, Russell; Saxon, Victoria: Disney's Tarzan - Special Collector's Edition published by Hyperion; 1999.
A much smaller book compared to the "art of" written by Howard Green, but worthwhile too.

Schroeder, Russell; Weidner Zoehfeld, Kathleen: Disney's Mulan Special Collectors Edition   published by Hyperion; 1998.
The story of the movie, illustrated with marvelous artwork from the film. Different from the folding book and the "art of".

Schroeder, Russell: Mickey Mouse, My Life in Pictures published by Disney Press; 1997.
A rather dull book with a couple of nice illustrations.

Schroeder, Russell: Walt Disney, His Life in Pictures published by Disney Press; 1996.
This is a small book and most of the photos are well known. However, some of them are real jewels.

Schweizer, Peter and Rochelle: Mouse Betrayed: What Michael Eisner Doesn't Want You to Know about Disney published by Regnery Pub.; 1998.
A very boring book about the suposedly "anti-American" activities of Disney like their so called "pro-gay" policies, sex in the cartoons and so on.

Sehlinger, Bob and Finley John: The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and Epcot published by Prentice Hall; 1985.
This guide two may be useful.

Selden, Bernice: The Story of Walt Disney Maker of Magical Worlds published by Yearling Book; 1989.
A very long title for a very short book aimed at kids.

Shale, Richard: Donald Duck Joins Up, The Walt Disney Studio during W.W.II published by UMI Research Press; 1976.
Out-of-print book about a not-so-well-known period and cartoons. A fabulous book for Disney historians.

Shannon, Leonard: Disneyland: Dreams, Traditions and Transitions published by Disney's Kingdom Editions; 1994.
Tomart's Disneyana commented about it: "Although it contains no inside revelations, the excellent photography and interesting tidbits of info will make it a favorite among Disneyland aficionados." In addition, one must underline the quality of a colorful chart summarizing the whole life of the park.

Sherman, Richard M.; Sherman Robert B.: Walt's Time published by Camphor Tree Publishers; 1998.
The long awaited autobiography of the famous and prolific songwritting team that gave us the music of Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, It's a Small World,... A special edition has also been released that includes a fabulous CD (The Merry Go Round of Life) with 10 songs performed by the Sherman Brothers.

Shine, Bernie C.: Mickey Mouse Memorabilia published by Harry N. Abrams; 1986 .
While it is not an exhaustive catalog and does not have a text as complete as the Munsey, this book has one main interest, the information it gives through its photographs about European "jewels" from the '30s.

Shows, Charles: Walt, Backstage Adventures with Walt Disney published by Windsong Books International; 1980.
A good insider's testimony by one of Walt's directors in the '60s. Interesting and at times funny.

Sibley, Brian (editor); Carroll, Lewis (author); Hall, David (illustrator): Alice's Adventures in Wonderland published by Methuen Children's Books Ltd.; 1986.
This amazing book is illustrated by more than a hundred of David Hall's fabulous inspirational drawings drawn before the war for the Walt Disney Studio. A must have for concept art lovers.

Silvers, Robert: Disney's Photomosaics published by Hyperion; 1998.
A strange book reproducing "photomosaics" (colorful pictures formed from a series of smaller images) of Disney characters.

Singular, Stephen: Power to Burn published by Birch Lane Press; 1996.
The non-authorized biography of Michael Ovitz, once number two of the Walt Disney Company. This has the merit of being the first biography of the second Michael but the disadvantage of providing no new information about the man.

Sinyard, Neil: The Best of Disney published by Twin Portland House; 1988.
One more book about Disney. Not the worst, not the best.

Slater, Robert: Ovitz published by Mc.Graw-Hill; 1997.
Interesting biography about the man that was once considered as the most powerful in Hollywood and that remained number two of Disney for so short a time, that if the book was not restating the fact, hardly anybody would still believe it.

Smith, Dave (editor): Walt Disney, Famous Quotes published by Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts; 1994.
The reference book to find the perfect Disney quote in all circumstances. This book used to be an internal tool for cast members, speech writers,… before being released for the general public.

Smith, Dave: Disney A to Z, the Official Encyclopedia published by Hyperion; 1996.
A must have. Very good encyclopedia by the Grand Master of the Disney archives. Dave really outdid himself and promises to update this book with all of the missing names and concepts soon.

Smith, Dave: Disney A to Z: The Updated Official Encyclopedia  published by Hyperion; 1998.
This "must have" reference book by the utmost authority on Disney's history, first published in 1996 is updated with more names, more films and more information that ever.

Smith, Dave; Neary, Kevin: The Ultimate Disney Trivia Book published by Hyperion; 1992.
I heard that a lot of persons within Disney were using that book to create their competition questions. So you might want to learn the answers by heart. On a more serious note: this series of books is extremely enjoyable.

Smith, Dave; Neary, Kevin: The Ultimate Trivia Book 2 published by Hyperion; 1994.
More difficult than the first one, a good training for Disney trivia quizzes "professionals".

Smith, Dave; Neary, Kevin: The Ultimate Disney Trivia Book 3 published by Hyperion; 1997.
And one more in a great series !

Smoodin, Eric (editor): Disney Discourse published by Routledge; 1994.
Again, this is an empty analysis of the Disney phenomena. Only for completists.

Smoodin, Eric: Animating Culture published by Rutgers University Press; 1993.
Not the worst of those sociological books that flourished about Disney in the early and mid '90s.

Solomon, Charles: The Disney that Never Was  published by Hyperion; 1995.
To know more about the bed building scene in Snow White, the Hansel an Gretel musical or what Fantasia could have contained. The art reproduced is almost always "never-seen-before", unfortunately one would have hoped for the book to be bigger, richer. The part about Destino, the Dali project is especially disappointing as it does not feature any illustrations.

Solomon, Charles: The History of Animation, Enchanted Drawings published by KNOPF; 1989, updated 1994.
A masterpiece about American animation.

Solomon, Jack Jr. (editor): Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs published by Viking; 1979.
A beautiful book about the making of the movie. Reproduces 400 paintings, drawings, sketches and storyboards. The limited edition (10 000 copies) contains four additional cells and was published in 1978 by Circle Fine Art Press.

Sotheby's: The Art of Aladdin published by Sotheby's; 1993.
The catalog of the Sotheby's auction dedicated to the movie. Fabulous artwork.

Sotheby's: The Art of Beauty and the Beast published by Sotheby's; 1992.
The catalog of the Sotheby's auction dedicated to the movie. Fabulous artwork.

Sotheby's: The Art of Hercules published by Sotheby's; 1998.
The catalog of the Sotheby's auction dedicated to the movie. Fabulous artwork.

Sotheby's: The Art of Hunchback of Notre Dame and James and the Giant Peach published by Sotheby's; 1997.
The catalog of the Sotheby's auction dedicated to the two movies. Fabulous artwork.

Sotheby's: The Art of Pocahontas published by Sotheby's; 1996.
The catalog of the Sotheby's auction dedicated to the movie. Fabulous artwork.

Sotheby's: The Art of The Lion King published by Sotheby's; 1995.
The catalog of the Sotheby's auction dedicated to the movie. Fabulous artwork.

Sotheby's: The Art of The Little Mermaid published by Sotheby's; 1990.
The catalog of the Sotheby's auction dedicated to the movie. Fabulous artwork.

Sotheby's: The Art of Mulan published by Sotheby's; 1999.
The catalog of the Sotheby's auction dedicated to the movie. Beautiful artwork.

Sotheby's: The Art of Who Framed Roger Rabbit published by Sotheby's; 1989.
The catalog of the Sotheby's auction dedicated to the movie. Fabulous artwork.

Stern, Michael: Stern's Guide to Disney Collectibles (2 volumes) published by Collector Books; 1989-1991.
A catalog of many pre and post war Disneyana items with estimated prices.

Taylor, Deems: Walt Disney's Fantasia published by Simon and Schuster; 1940.
One of the first and most beautiful art-book about a Disney full-length animated feature, written by the man who influenced most of the musical choices of the movie and hosted the film. Hard to find but really worth finding.

Taymor, Julie: The Lion King, Pride Rock on Broadway published by Hyperion; 1997.
Written by the show director of the play, this book about the Broadway version of The Lion King is an absolute beauty, as is the show.

Taylor, John: Storming the Magic Kingdom published by KNOPF; 1987.
From "after Walt"(1966) to the Eisner era (1984) or "the financial saga that might have killed our favorite Company". One of the best books about Disney history with Walt official biography by Bob Thomas and The Disney Touch by Ron Grover.

The Art of Disneyland, 1953-1986 published by The Disney Gallery; 1986.
The catalog of the first exhibit held at the Disney Gallery in Disneyland, California. It contains beautiful artwork by Herb Ryman, Marc Davis, John Hench and many other famous Imagineers but very few text.

The Legend of Mulan - A Folding Book Inspired by the Disney Animated Film published by Hyperion; 1998.
According to Tomart's Disneyana: "This folding book opens in an accordion format. The ancient legend of Mulan is written both in English and Chinese and full-concept art from the film provides the illustrations." This book is not the same as The Art of Mulan by Jeff Kurtti.

The Little Mermaid by Disney Archives (illustrator) and Hans Christian Andersen published by Disney Press; 1997.

Thomas, Bob: Building a Company: Roy O. Disney and the Creation of an Entertainment Empire published by Hyperion; 1998.
The long awaited biography of Walt's brother - the one without whom most of the Disney universe would not exist, the father of the current Animation Studio chairman.

Thomas, Bob: Disney's Art of Animation published by Hyperion; 1991, updated in 1997.
It contains a very interesting section about the making of Beauty and the Beast.The 1997 updated version contains 60 pages that are completely different from the original version and that focus on the making of Hercules.

Thomas, Bob: The Art of Animation published by Golden Press; 1958.
The first book about Walt Disney's animation. A classic and a great foray into the making of Sleeping Beauty.

Thomas, Bob: Walt Disney, An American Original published by Simon and Shuster; 1976, revised 1994.
The "official biography" or "The Absolute Minimum there is to know about the man who, together with The Mouse, started it all". The must have. If you only buy one book about Walt history, you should buy this one. If you have to buy three, buy this one plus Storming the Magic Kingdom and The Disney Touch.

Thomas, Bob: Walt Disney - Magician of the Movies published by Grosset and Dunlap; 1966.

Thomas, Frank; Johnston Ollie: Bambi, the Story and the Film published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang; 1990.
Marvelous art-book, very interesting anecdotes by two of Disney Studio's geniuses.

Thomas, Frank; Johnston Ollie: Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life published by Abbeville; 1981.
The Bible. Does not request any further comment. This is THE best book about Disney animation. Period. Found on every animator's desk (even non-Disney ones) and in every serious library about Disney.

Thomas, Frank; Johnston, Ollie: The Disney Villains published by Hyperion; 1993.
The text is a bit weak but the sketches and illustrations are so powerful !

Thomas, Frank; Johnston, Ollie: Too funny for words published by Abbeville; 1987.
Not the best book of our beloved geniuses but certainly their most entertaining.

Thompson, Frank: Tim Burton's The Nightmare before Christmas published by Hyperion; 1993.
A very well illustrated book about the creation of an exceptional animated feature. The text is a bit short to my taste, but will be sufficient for many.

Tietyen, David: The Musical World of Walt Disney published by Harry N. Abrams; 1990.
The story of Disney's songs from Frank Churchill to the Sherman brothers, Ashman and Menken.

Tippins, Sherill: Michael Eisner, Fun for Everyone published by Garrett Educational Corporation; 1992.
A short biography for kids of the chairman of the Walt Disney Company. Rather weak.

Tomart's illustrated catalog and Price Guide by Tom Tumbush published by Tomart Publications (4 volumes 1985-1987 + one update book 1989 + bimonthly update magazines since Feb. 1994).
This book could change your life as a collector. I see only two drawbacks: the estimates are old and it does not contain non-American items.

Trethewey, Richard L.: Walt Disney, the FBI Files published by Rainbo Animation Art; 1994.
After the publication of the infamous book by Mark Eliott, Richard decided to "publish" all the documents contained in the FBI files about Walt Disney, to help people make up their mind. A very well done and well analyzed document. This document is not really published, though, as it is photocopies bound together.

Tumbush, Tom: Tomart's Price Guide To Collectible - Beanie Characters published by Tomart Publications; 1998.
While this book is not dedicated to Disney 's beanie bags exclusively, I have decided to include it in this bibliography as around half of the beanie bags mentionned are from Disney.

Tumbush, Tom; Welbaum, Bob: Tomart's Value Guide to Disney Animation Art published by Tomart Publications; 1998.
Tomart's reference books are always Excellent references. This one is cheaper than the Lotman's bible and might be enough for many collectors.

Tytle, Harry: One of Walt's Boys published by ASAP Publishing; 1997.
An excellent insider's testimony by one of Walt's top directors. The book contains some fascinating pictures, the organisation chart of The Disney Studios and a facsimile of a memo by Harry Tytle to Walt. A good work, especially interesting for Disney historians.

Vault Reports: Walt Disney (Vault Reports Employer Profile) published by Vault Reports, Inc.; 1998.
Description of Disney as a potential employer.

Walker, Greta: Walt Disney published by G.P. Putman's Sons; 1977.
Juvenile book.

Walt Disney published by Academic Industries; 1984.

Walt Disney's Bambi (The Sketchbook Series) published by Hyperion and Applewood Books; 1997.
Beautiful series of original drawings and backgrounds by some of the best artists of the movie: Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Marc Davis and others.

Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp (The Sketchbook Series) published by Applewood Books; 1998.
A splendid addition to the series.

Walt Disney's Little Mermaid (The Sketchbook Series) published by Applewood Books;1998.
An other beautiful sketchbook in the series. Published solely as a limited edition (2500 copies).

Walt Disney's Peter Pan (The Sketchbook Series) published by Applewood Books; 1998.
The fifth book in a fabulous series. Published solely as a limited edition (2500 copies) and available only through The Disney Catalog, on the West Coast at The Disney Store and on the East Coast at Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty (The Sketchbook Series) published by Applewood Books; 1997.
The best original drawings and backgrounds of the movie are reproduced here. Only the limited edition of this book has been released, unfortunately, making it very difficult to afford. But fans of Evynd Earle or Marc Davis work won't mind.

Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (The Sketchbook Series) published by Applewood Books; 1993 (original publication date 1938).
It was the reprinting of this excellent work from the'30s that started the Sketchbook series.

Walt Disney's Treasury of Childrens Classics published by Harry N. Abrams 1978.
Nicely illustrated. A good tribute to the Disney Classics. Short, but good introductions to each movie's story.

Walt Disney's Treasury of Children's Classics, from Fox and the Hound to The Hunchback of Notre Dame, published by Hyperion; 1997.
The sequel to the preceding book. As good as the first one.

Walt Disney's Treasury of Stories from Silly Symphonies published by Harry N. Abrams; 1981.
Nicely illustrated, a perfect tribute to some of Disney's best shorts from the '30s. The text is very short. 

Walt Disney World: The First Decade published by Walt Disney World; 1982.

Waltz, Gene: Cartoon Charlie - The Life and Art of Animation Pioneer Charles Thorson published by Great Plains Publications; 1998.
This book seems to contain interesting documents produced when Charles Thorson was working for Disney, including his early sketches of Snow White and Elmer.

Watts, Steven: The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney and the American Way of Life published by Houghton-Miflin; 1998.
According to Persistence of Vision: "The book offers an extraordinarily interesting and uncommonly insightful look as to what made Walt Disney what he was. (...) It’s great to finally have the academic study of Walt Disney that he has deserved for so long, and yet not have to suffer through any of the intellectual psycho-babble that seems to be so predominant in these studies. Furthermore, the scholarly approach and research involved is phenomenal. (...) Highly recommended." To my taste, this is probably the greatest, most thorough book ever written about Walt and the studio. A "must-have".

West, John G.: The Disney Live-Action Productions published by Hawthorne and Peabody; 1994.
Extremely precise, very informative, contains a great deal of facts never published elsewhere.

Wheeler, Jill C.: Bill Peet published by Abdo & Daughters; 1996.
A very short biography for kids of one of Disney's best script writers. No real interest.

White, Brenda; Hart, William; Jesse Rhodes: Disney in Clay published by Rhodes West; 1994.
A collection of photos of the Disney "art" works by Brenda White.

Williams, Roy: Secret World of Roy Williams published by Bantam Books; 1957.
This book contains a nice collection of drawings (not related to Disney) by the famous Disney script writer and Big Mouseketeer Roy Williams. Nice to have for completists.

Wolf, Scott and Shani: Where in Disneyland Park ? published Disneyland; 1994.
A nice soft-cover book of photographs revealing details of Disneyland.

Wolf, Scott and Shani: Where in Disneyland Attractions ? published by Disneyland; 1997.
The sequel to the preceding book.

Yoe, Craig and Morra Yoe, Janet: The Art of Mickey Mouse published by Hyperion; 1991.
When Wharol, Harring and other artists reinvent the Mouse.

Zehnder, Leonard: Florida's Disney World published by Peninsular Publishing; 1975.

Zibart, Eve: The Unofficial Disney Companion published Macmillan Travel; 1997.
A book that tries to go a bit further than the regular travel books. No new information but an OK reading for beginners.

Books to come

100th birthday of Walt Disney book; 2001.

75th birthday of the Walt Disney Company book by Tim O'Day; 1999.
Information reported by Persistence of Vision. No other information available yet.

Allan, Robin: Walt Disney and Europe published by Indiana University Press; 1999.
Robin is one of the most respected European Disney historians. His name has appeared in countless Disney books and his thesis is a masterpiece, full of new interviews and documents. His book is a reprint of the thesis and should therefore be a must-have for fellow Disney historians.

Andrae, Thomas: Fables of Desire - Carl Barks and the Anti-modernist Disney Comic published by University of Mississippi Press; 1999.
Reported by Magical Moments and Memories (Issue 19, Spring 1998) and confirmed by Donald Ault.

Andews, Julie : A Memoir [working title] published by Hyperion; Spring 2001.
That one might be a lot of fun.

Ault, Donald: Educating the Imagination - The Narative Art of Carl Barks' Disney Comics published by University of Mississippi Press; 1999.
A very intelectual study of Carl Barks' work. Probably worth a good look considering the repute of the author.

Canemaker, John: Paper Dreams - The Art and Artists of Disney Storyboards; October 1999.
If this book is as fascinating than Before the Animation Begins, I can hardly wait to see it.

Canemaker, John: The Nine Old Men; 1999.
Source: Marc Davis. This book would be fascinating. The information was confirmed by someone who knows very well Canemaker. John has just started the interviewing process, after finishing his manuscript on the Story Department book.

Culhane, John: The Making of Fantasia 2000 published by Hyperion; 1999.
John already wrote the book about Fantasia, it was only logical that he should write the one about its sequel.

Deja, Andreas: Milt Kahl; 1999.
The long awaited homage by one of today's greatest Disney artists to his master, one of the Nine Old Men.

Finch, Christopher: Winnie the Pooh - A Celebration of the Silly Old Bear published by Hyperion; September 1999.
This tribute to Winnie will contain some lavish artwork coming from the archives.

Frantz, Douglas; Collins Catherine: Disney's Promised Land - One Family's Year in Celebration published by Henry Holt; 1999.
I look forward to that one as it will explore an interesting part of the new Disney universe, but am not sure it will be a masterpiece.

Ghez, Didier : The Art of Disneyland Paris [working title]; April 2000.
A 320 page artbook about the Art and the Making of Disneyland Paris containing more than 500 illustrations (artwork, renderings and photos). Published simultaneously in French and in English.

Green, Howard; Green, Amy: Remembering Walt - Favorite Memories of Walt Disney published by Hyperion; July 1999.
According to Persistence of Vision: "Green, the extremely likable Vice President of Studio Communications (or "Hype" as he is fond of claiming), has put together what has to be the greatest collection of memories on one person ever compiled. This book will be, in my humble opinion, second only to Bob Thomas’ Walt Disney: An American Original."

Griffin, Sean : Tinker Belles and Evil Queens - The Walt Disney Company from the Inside Out published by New York University Press; December 1999.
Once again with that kind of books, the title says it all.

Kenworthy, John; Iwerks, Leslie (Ub Iwerks' granddaughter): The Hand Behind the Mouse; 1999.
The story of Ub Iwerks. According to Persistence of Vision: "Authoritatively documented, thouroughly researched, and full of interesting anecdotes - it is a book that is long overdue."

Lassell, Michael: Elton John's & Tim Rice's Elaborate Lives - The Legend of Aida published by Hyperion; 1999.
If this book is as good as the Lion King on Broadway one, it will be interesting to have for Disney musical enthusiasts.

Lazo, Caroline Evensen: Walt Disney published by Dillon Press; 1999.
One more juvenile book about Walt.

Logue, Mary: Imagination - The Story of Walt Disney; August 1999.
One more juvenile book about Walt.

Lotman, Jeff: Animation Collectibles: A Price Guide to Animation Art Limited Editions published by Shiffer; 1998.
A paperback reference guide listing more than 800 limited edition pieces from the middle '80s to the present.

McElveen, Floyd C.: The Disney Boycott published by Vital Issu.; 1998.
Title says everything.

McQuillan, Martin; Byrne, Eleanor: Deconstructing Disney published by Pluto Press; July 1999.

Passaro, John: The Building of Disney published by Smart Apple Media; 1999.
One more juvenile book!

Ritthaler, Pauline: Beans with Character - An Unofficial Guide to the Disney Mini Bean Bag Plush Collection published by Five Star Publications; March 1999.
Will this be a serious competitor for the guide issued recently by Tomart Publications ?

Roger Rabbit second sequel by Gary Wolf.
Rumored to have been written already but waiting for the release by Disney of the prequel. This means we might have to wait quite a while...

Schroeder, Russell; Saxon, Victoria: Disney's Tarzan - Special Collector's Edition published by Hyperion; June 1999.
A smaller book compared to the "art of" written by Howard Green, but probably worthwhile too.

Silly Symphonies by J.B. Kaufman published by La Cineteca de Friuli; 1999.
The author of Walt in Wonderland seems to be preparing an other masterpiece about a very specialized part of Disney's history.

Simon, Charnan: Walt Disney - Creator of Magical Worlds published by Children's Press; 1999.
It is becoming more and more difficult to differenciate between all this juvenile books.

Smith, Dave; Clark, Steven: Disney - The First 100 Years published by Hyperion; August 1999.

Walt Disney's Pinocchio (The Sketchbook Series) published by Applewood Books; August 1999.

All the books already published
All the books to come

Last updated June 29, 1999.