Annotated bibliography of Disney reference books
Books about Disneyana

Baumhauer, Joachim: Disneyana published by Battenberg Verlag; 1993.
First book about Disneyana published outside of the States. Written in German. One would have hoped to encounter much more unseen-before European items. Without real interest.

Boshi, Luca; Gori, Leonardo; Sani, Andrea; Gasca, Luis: Topolino 60 Anni Insieme published by Electa; 1993.
Catalog of the exhibition organized in Italy for Topolino's (equivalent of Mickey Mouse Magazine) 60th Birthday.

Dunn, Ann (editor): Brookman Price Guide for Disney Stamps published by Krause Publications; 1999.

Edwards, Scott and Stobener, Bob: Cel Magic, Collecting Animation Art published by Laughs Unlimited Inc; 1991.

Eronen, Matti: Carl Barks' Surviving Comic Book Art self-published; 1994.
A non-illustrated list of the pages of Barks art that survived destruction with a history of how they survived and where they were last seen. A very specialised book for hard-core Barks collectors.

Finch, Christopher; Rosenkrantz, Linda: Sotheby's Collectors Guide: Animation Art published by Henry Holt & Company, Inc.; 1998.
An excellent reference book for collectors.

Frick, Devon; Hodge, Tamara: Disneyana Collectors Guide to 1938-1960 California Pottery; 1998.
A good guide book for specialized collectors.

Gasca, Luis: El Mundo Magico de Mickey Mouse published by Editorial La Mascara; 1995.
This catalog published during a Spanish exhibit contains some fascinating Spanish items from Luis Gasca's collection. The rest is of little interest. Written in Spanish.

The Greenbook Guide to Walt Disney Classics Collection published by Greenbook; 1999.
The third edition of this great catalog is a must have for WDCC collectors.

Heide, Robert and Gilman, John: Cartoon Collectibles published by Doubleday; 1983.
Nothing new when you already posses the Munsey and the Tomart. Re-published in 1994 by Hyperion as Disneyana.

Heide, Robert; Gilman; John: The Mickey Mouse Watch: From the Beginning of Time published by Hyperion; 1997.
Nothing much to say about this small, well-illustrated and well documented book. A good reference for collectors.

Longest, David; Stern, Michael: The Collector's Encyclopedia of Disneyana published by Collector Books; 1992.
A catalog of many pre and post war Disneyana items with estimated prices, combining the four former books by David Longest and Michael Stern in one.

Longest, David: Character Toys and Collectibles (2 volumes) published by Collector Books; 1984-1987.
A catalog of many pre and post war Disneyana items with estimated prices.

Lotman, Jeff: Animation Art - The Early Years (1911 - 1953) published by Shiffer; 1995.
A huge catalog of all the animation art ever sold by the big auctioneers, written by one of the world largest collectors and animation art enthusiasts. This is a crucial reference book for animation art collectors and historians.

Lotman, Jeff: Animation Art - The Late Years (1954 - 1993) published by Shiffer; 1996.
The second volume of this amazing encyclopedia.

Lotman, Jeff: Animation Art at Auction: Recent Years published by Shiffer; 1998.
The update to Jeff's first two books.

Minella, Elizabetha: Comics e Cartoons Phone Cards published by Epierre; 1998.
This price guide lists all the phone cards around the world dedicated to comics. This means that all the Disney cards from Japan, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Canada,... are listed. Written in English and Italian.

Munsey, Cecil: Disneyana; 1974.
The first book ever on Disneyana, it contains all the basics to start or better understand your collection.

Murray, John and Fox, Bruce: Fisher Price published by Books Americana; 1987.

Murray, R. Michael: The Golden Age of Walt Disney Records 1933-1988 published by Antique Trader Books; 1997.
A very good and nicely illustrated price guide for collectors of Disney records.

Pignatone, Sergio: Disneyana published by Little Nemo; 1991.
This strange little Italian book is at the same time a catalog of most vintage Italian Disney books and a short history of Disneyana in Italy (especially from a print items point of view). Written in Italian.

Shine, Bernie C.: Mickey Mouse Memorabilia published by Harry N. Abrams; 1986 .
While it is not an exhaustive catalog and does not have a text as complete as the Munsey, this book has one main interest, the information it gives through its photographs about European "jewels" from the '30s.

Stern, Michael: Stern's Guide to Disney Collectibles (2 volumes) published by Collector Books; 1989-1991.
A catalog of many pre and post war Disneyana items with estimated prices.

Storm, J.P. and Dressler, M.: Im Reiche der Micky Maus published by Henschel Verlag; 1991.
Written in German. Marvelously surprising visual documents, in depth text. One of the best two books (with the one by Laqua) about the pre-war years of Disney in Germany.

Tomart's illustrated catalog and Price Guide by Tom Tumbush published by Tomart Publications (4 volumes 1985-1987 + one update book 1989 + bimonthly update magazines since Feb. 1994).
This book could change your life as a collector. I see only two drawbacks: the estimates are old and it does not contain non-American items.

Tumbush, Tom: Tomart's Price Guide To Collectible - Beanie Characters published by Tomart Publications; 1998.
While this book is not dedicated to Disney 's beanie bags exclusively, I have decided to include it in this bibliography as around half of the beanie bags mentionned are from Disney.

Tumbush, Tom; Welbaum, Bob: Tomart's Value Guide to Disney Animation Art published by Tomart Publications; 1998.
Tomart's reference books are always Excellent references. This one is cheaper than the Lotman's bible and might be enough for many collectors.

White, Brenda; Hart, William; Jesse Rhodes: Disney in Clay published by Rhodes West; 1994.
A collection of photos of the Disney "art" works by Brenda White.

Books to come

Disneyana in Italy by Alberto Becattini and others.
I can't wait to read that one. Finally a complete book about foreign Disneyana and by a well-known expert, at that.

Lotman, Jeff: Animation Collectibles: A Price Guide to Animation Art Limited Editions published by Shiffer; 1999.
A paperback reference guide listing more than 800 limited edition pieces from the middle '80s to the present.

Ritthaler, Pauline: Beans with Character - An Unofficial Guide to the Disney Mini Bean Bag Plush Collection published by Five Star Publications; March 1999.
Will this be a serious competitor for the guide issued recently by Tomart Publications ?

All the books already published
All the books to come

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